Daily Insights

  • Friday 30th January 2015

    This world is totally about who you know.. And lucky for us, we know Sonali! Sonali manages the Pita Pit right next door to West, and she had been kind enough to offer some special Read more

  • Thursday 29th January 2015

    Whats going on here!? We are¬†‘Testing’ (poor Wes) out our stretches we are planning for your next round of Movement classes! Tonight is the last of our Squat focussed Movement class, next week we are Read more

  • Wednesday 28th January 2015

    Who had the best facials yesterday!? Jono gave it a good shot.. Skill/Strength Pull-up skill session -Pull-throughs/kipping technique -Strict -Chest to bars -Bar Muscle ups W.O.D CrossFit Games WOD Prescribed weights 80/52.5kg 21: 8 Deadlift 7 Read more