Favourite winter foods so far …

With winter nearing, and some days feeling like it has well and truely hit, I am hoping that most of you have made the transition from raw, cold salads to more warming, nourishing, heated foods.  Not only does it feel a whole load more comforting eating warmer foods, but it also enhances our metabolism and overall energy for the winter.  As winter is naturally a time for us to hibernate, this also means a time of more rest.  With that, not only should we be hitting the sack earlier, as the sun sets earlier, but also giving our body a chance to rest and recover through the colder months.  This form of rest I am discussing is with digestion.  Eating cold, raw foods in summer is great, it is refreshing and detoxifying.  In winter, eating these foods demands a lot of energy for digestion and for re warming up the body.  In actual fact, many times eating salads through winter could be to blame for weight gain – who would of thought! So, with that said … my favourite foods of pre winter warmings at the moment are:

1. Mashed parsnip.  I am a huge fan of any mashed vegie, you are retaining the fibre, but with the warmth and the added bit of fat (oil or butter) this food slips through your system without to much work and nourishes along the way.  Not many people can’t agree that after a good mash you just feel much more comforted through your food.  Parsnip is one of my favs to mash.  Parsnip is high in potasssium, helping to regulate fluid balance in the body, packed with antioxidants, assisting with better cellular energy, high in fibre, anti inflammatory and anti fungal.  Why wouldn’t you use it.

2. Kale.  Kale cooked any kind of way is amazing.  I just can’t get enough of it at the moment.  Cooked up with some fresh green beans in a touch of coconut oil, baked to make kale chips (bake in oven with a drizzle of olive oil or coconut oil and salt and pepper for 15-20 minutes) – DELISH, in soups, stir fries, literally anything.  Go and get some today and start using it.  Kale is a super food packed with Vitamin A, K, C, B6, Iron plus being part of the brassica family also has the benefit of Indole 3 carbinol which helps to excrete excess estrogens out the body and create a balance for hormones. Not to mention the pure fact of being a green leafy vegie, it is highly alkalising, filling and the chlorophyll improves DNA health.  YUM!

3. Fruit crumble.  For those that desire a sweet something after dinner, fruit crumble is the perfect fix.  Stew your apples, pears, feijoas etc with cinnamon and some vanilla extract, top with a mixture of ground nuts and seeds (some fine and some not so fine) with a dash of coconut oil mixed through to add texture, and drizzle some pure maple syrup to brown and bake, you can’t go wrong with this dessert.  A healthy alternative to the apple crumble, but packed with nutrients and good fats to satisfy.

So there you have it, my 3 favourites for now.  Upon my return from Raro next week I will certainly be getting out the slow cooker to start creating some delicious easy meals so keep a watch out for those.

What are your current favs?

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  1. Vctoriabell says:
    13 April 2017 1:21 am

    Curry is my favourite food at the moment, I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve been working on so many new curry recipes and this is one of my absolute favourites.