Importance of Yoga

June 24, 2014

You KNOW yoga is supposed to be good for you, you’ve seen us stretching and balancing after class but you haven’t given it a go yet! Why not?!

Yoga is hugely beneficial for everyone, particularly in this day and age where our day takes our body from one extreme to the other, sitting in a car or at a desk to the grind of functional fitness. As well as this, we actively work on our mobility in class and we also need to take time to feel our way into a joint or a group of muscles, to lengthen, strengthen and stabilize these structures, and to relax and release tension from our bodies. Your 45 minutes of yoga is the perfect time to do this!

In addition to all the well known benefits such as improving flexibility, strength, balance, breathing and enhancing recovery, yoga can actually improve biomechanics and energy conservations (tension free joints require less energy to power).  Yoga can also improve your awareness and ability to focus on YOU, your body, how you’re moving and where you are in space (proprioception) leading to injury prevention and your peak performance. What’s more, yoga makes your MUSCLES SMARTER. Moving in new, slow and controlled ways, with breath awareness and all the little wobbles that happen while we balance deepen and help make new nerve connections in your muscles. You read right, yoga helps strengthen the mind-body connection creating more intelligent, functional muscles!

Having a more functional body isn’t just important for our training but also daily living and aging well. So come along, give yoga a go. Classes are suitable before or after a workout or just on their own, you will challenge your balance and increase your flexibility and have some time to release tension and practice taking it easy on yourself.

Each week we will have a mini-focus, it might be a type of movement or muscle group and you’ll also get a chance to work on what’s tight and hurting from the WOD.


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