Wednesday 11th June 2014 – Patience

It has now been 11 weeks since India was born (which has flown by and she gets more and more gorgeous everyday).  Anyway, i digress! Prior to India’s birth, I had full expectations to be able to get back into my training soon and thought I would be able to start back from where I left off through my pregnancy.  As most of you will know, through out my pregnancy I continued my training, kept up with my pull ups, push ups, and lifts (some were scaled and some days I cracked a few PB’s).  I felt generally really good.  I was training pretty much up until I had India.  What I have had to learn is that plans change.  We had planned for a natural birth with India, but due to her being breech I ended up having a Cesarean with her.  The recovery time from this is obviously a lot longer than a natural birth as it is very heavy surgery, slicing right through those abdominal muscles i worked so hard at building!!

I went back to exercise around the week 7 mark.  Starting off slowly under the guidance of Wes doing some pilates work to help with the stabilisation.  He also kindly got me on the air dyne! Even though my logical brain was telling me I have had major surgery so things like air squats will feel a bit odd and unstable, there was still that part of me that was and still does get frustrated at the lack of things I can do.  My push ups (which remember I was essentially doing weighted push ups in week 37 of pregnancy) are now a struggle against a box.  The thought of pull ups right now is a no go, and adding any weight to my squat is  something i have to be very cautious of and really work to engage my stabilising muscles.  The reality of what my body is able to do (for right now) and what i thought it would be able to do are on two differnent planes.

What this has taught me is the importance of Patience.  I know I will get back to where I was and continue to work towards new PB’s, however for now, it is all about REHAB.

Why am I telling you this?

I know many of you have had injuries in one form or another preventing you from doing the training that you so feel you should be able to do.  This also relates to people in their health journey, having to work through some hormonal or other health issues before being back to their peak health.  Patience is crucial at these times.  If we try to push too hard past what our body is allowing us to do, the healing time will only get worse, and will in some cases go backwards if we don’t do the correct rehab for it.  There is no point in looking in the past as to what you ‘could’ do, focus on the now and where you want to be.  What do you need to do in any aspect of your life to ensure you are on the right track to get there.  This may be in the form of more strengthening exercises in certain areas, working the stabilisers, cutting out coffee/alcohol/sugar, working on de stressing etc.  Regardless of what your goal is, make sure you do everything you can to get to that place, but by doing this in a way that supports your body for now and in the future.  This will ensure you reach that goal with the best form, and less risk for reoccurance in the future.  Put the work in, and the rewards will come.

Partner Workout:
400 Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people
15 Toes to Bar, while partner hangs (then switch)
10 Pull-ups, while partner holds chin over the bar (then switch)
15 Push-ups, while partner holds plank (then switch)
400m Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people

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