October the month of change – Wednesday October 1st 2014

September 30, 2014

It comes to this time of year where the fatigue is setting in from a long year, we are just coming out of hibernation from winter time and then the hustle and bustle of preparing for Xmas starts up.  Many people at this point start planning what their “New Years Resolutions” are going to be.  This is 3 months away people.  Make October your month to create new habits and to make the change you want to see in yourself.

You all will have different things you are wanting to change and create new habits with, some are admittedly harder than others, but no better time to start.  Here are some ideas that may resonate with you to make the change this month:

– Drink more water – Be specific.  Work out your body weight and double it.  That amount of mls is how much you should drink each hour.  ie 100kg = 200ml per hour.

– Work on mobility.  Perhaps set the goal to do 15 minutes of mobility at the end of each class you attend, and then on your rest days do half an hour.  There are also plenty of 30 days of Yoga challenges on line you can sign up for.

– Stress less.  This one is very complex and doesn’t have so many simple answers, however, management of the stress is vital.  So ensure to leave work at a reasonable time each day, do daily exercise, write a to do list, delegate more etc.

– Pick up your exercise.  If you have been slackening off your training over winter, now is the time to step it up.  Be active every day. (This includes walking, yoga, crossfit, swimming etc)

Food more often than not tends to be the thing that slips for people.  We have decided to try out an app to help you stay on track for the month.  We have created a Health 101 challenge within the Paleo Challenge app.  This app is super user friendly, has a platform for messages to keep you all motivated, and is based on a points system of the food you eat.  It is visible for each of you to see to keep each other motivated.  The more points you accumulate the worse it is.  I suggest you have a look at it and see whether it is something you want to do.  To join for the month challenge is a fee of $13.  *This app has no affiliation with us, we are just using it as a tool to encourage you guys so please don’t hit us up with any technical questions on it as i won’t be able to help!!

The timing of this is perfectly teed up with our evening planned for all our members at Lululemon Ponsonby tomorrow night.  Along with some nibbles and shopping, comes an inspiring goal setting session which I highly recommend for you all.  Please do come along, it’ll be a great night.  It is from 6.30pm-8.30pm Wednesday 1st October.

So, no time to waste, jump on board and make the change you have been thinking about but been procrastinating on.  No time like now.

The Paleo challenge starts from tomorrow so jump on board today if you are keen!

We are here to help you achieve your goals and move past the things that are keeping you stuck, so if you need any help with anything then please let any of us know and we will be happy to.

Max effort broad jump (jump as loooong as you can from two feet to two feet)

Hero Wod Wednesday!
3 Rounds for time:
1km Run
10 Muscle ups/20 burpee pull-ups
100 Air Squats

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