Wednesday 22nd October 2014


As we mentioned in yesterdays post, the process of training damages our muscle tissue in order for it to reform bigger and stronger.  In order to maximize results we need to maximize our recovery.

Listed below are a few of the key aspects that we need to consider when it comes to recovery:

What we put into our bodies is the fuel we use to live.  This of course includes muscle recovery post workouts.   It is important for performance, recovery and rebuilding that we have a diet that consists of real food.  By real food we mean food that has been grown on this land, and that has had a heart beat i.e. plenty of vegies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, meat, fish, chicken and eggs. Not only is this real food packed full of the nutrients we require for performance, recovery and rebuilding, but there are no added chemicals and it is highly bioavailable.  Keeping plenty of fresh green vegies in your diet provides an alkaline environment essential for recovery, along with all your beautiful colourful vegies being packed with antioxidants for recovery.

Protein is key in regards to recovery and rebuilding muscle tissue.  Its essential to get good quality protein through your diet, but if supplementation is wanted/needed with a protein powder, we recommend Clean Lean Protein as it is free of any sugar, artificial sweeteners and other added chemicals.  Along with clean nutrition and adequate hydration, one of the key nutrients which is needed for recovery is Magnesium.  Magnesium is essential for energy production, cellular hydration, muscle relaxation, blood sugar regulation, and a huge list of other benefits.

Sleep is the most fundamental element to proper recovery as well as building of muscle tissue.  Obtaining your 8 hours of sleep is not just a number thrown in there as a rough guideline.  In fact, between the hours of 10pm and 2am your body undergoes much of your physiological repair, and between 2-6am is when your body begins its psychological and nervous system repair.  Therefore, if you regularly get to bed at midnight you are missing out on 2 important hours of physical repair!  If you struggle with regular wake ups during the night, this is often a case of mineral and protein deficiencies, so talk to Tarryn about this as broken sleep = poor quality sleep.

Gentle stretching after working out increases your range of movement and helps to get those tight muscles working.  Regular stretching will keep you supple and help prevent injuries in the future. Don’t just stretch when you are sore, but also make it part of your daily routine.

Active recovery involves gentle activity either directly after exercise (in the cool down period) or in the rest days after a competition.  Research shows that working at around 30% intensity will help with removal of lactic acid within the muscles and improve relaxation. So remember to keep yourselves moving and you’ll feel better for it!

Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles, nourishes our fascia and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue.  It also helps your muscles relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibres to your tendons. The net effect is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.

– Cold water emersion (ice bath) – used to reduce inflammation and help flush out biproducts such as lactic acid within the muscles.  5-10mins.  Try to relax!
– Hot bath or spas in the evening after a heavy training day can help with the relaxation of tight muscles.  Not to be used if any acute injury/swelling or bruising.  10-15 mins.
– Contrast (Hot/Cold therapy) – for best results use an ice bath and a spa/bath or hot shower. 2 mins hot, then 1 min cold.  Repeat 4-5 times and always finish on cold. Not to be used if any acute injury/swelling or bruising.

If any of these key aspects of recovery are neglected then we are not giving our body every possible chance to recuperate and therefore will not see those gains that we are striving for.

If you have any questions regarding any of the topics above, contact one of the Health 101 Team and we will happily go through it with you.

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Strict Weighted Pull-ups
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

6 Rounds for time:
12 Pull-ups
15 Wallballs (9/6kg -but to a higher target)

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