It’s that time of year again ….

Christmas, for some people it has that excitement that we experienced as a kid as the festivities begin, and for others, there is a sense of dread as the list of to do’s just multiplies by 100.  I know for me, it is a bit of both.  I love Christmas, I love Santa, giving gifts, the Christmas Carols and the excitement of what Christmas is to most children.  However … the dark side of Christmas, is the overwhelming feeling of having so much to do with a deadline looming very quickly.

As it is also at the end of the year, most people tend to be fairly worn out and in need of break (thank goodness its summer so we get a good dose of Vitamin D to refresh us).  With this, there are generally many things that need to be completed at work by the end of the year, plus the multiple Christmas parties to attend for work or play, plus all the Christmas shopping and battling all the other flustered people wondering around aimlessly at the malls, plus the food to be made for Christmas day, the secret santa gifts that no one ever knows what to buy, and then the financial burden it can place on some families. You can see how this time of year becomes a bit stressful for most people.

What tends to happen is once we hit Christmas and make it through the day, (with probably too much bingeing on food and booze due to exhaustion), we tend to crash come boxing day and for the first half of the 2 weeks break over the holidays.  What a way to spend the break – exhausted.

This year, lets try to do it differently.  There’s 3 weeks until Christmas, making a plan to get through the silly season unscathed is the best thing you can do.

Firstly, write lists.  Write lists of presents to buy, write lists of food to buy and if possible try to make things early if you are able to (ie chocolate, christmas cake etc), write lists of things that you need to get done around the house (and make sure to prioritise whether these are ESSENTIAL to get done before Christmas day or not, write lists for work, write lists for people and dates for catch ups and then diarise these.  Can you tell i like lists! Without actually writing things down and having an action plan, things can get more overwhelming and stressful. Once you have written the lists you will have an idea of what needs to be done, and then you can try to plan when to get these done so its not all left to the last minute (christmas shopping on xmas eve with an empty agenda of what to buy people is never a pleasant experience).

Secondly, be present.  This is a great time of year, there is a happy Christmas vibe, gorgeous decorations and lights, kids are finishing up at school and of course the sun is out.  Spend time with those that you cherish, take the time to enjoy the things you love, and take the time to stop and breathe.  This is the most crucial of all.  Just making a point to stop and be present will allow you to reach the big day without feeling like a wired mess.  Make sure that regardless of your stress levels, you don’t take it out on your loved ones.  Use them for support and love, don’t create any further stress by rocking any relationships.  This one we are all guilty of, so try make a point to think before you speak. Christmas is a time to give, this doesn’t have to be in a physical sense, but just giving presence to those you love will go a long way, especially if you have had a very full on year.

Thirdly, make sure to keep up with your exercise and eating regime.  It is easy this time of year with Christmas parties and treats around to let all things slide.  You don’t need to stay 100% but the healthier you stay, the more you are supporting your liver and adrenals to ensure your holiday after Christmas is an energy filled one not an exhausted heap on the couch.  Try to eat before going out for drinks to have a full stomach and inhibit you from snacking on junk food, keep your alcohol intake limited and stay hydrated with plenty of water to deter that hangover.  Especially as the weather gets warmer, you will require more water.  Flavouring your water with cucumber, mint, lemon, lime is always nice to give it a bit of zing as well as adding more detoxifying benefits.

Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure to get adequate sleep.  It is a natural reaction for us to stay up late finishing things off but keep up with sleep and this too will see you through the holidays with a breeze.

For those of you that really do feel they have too much on their plate, your adrenals are already buzzing and you are starting to not sleep so much or your immune system is playing up, we can make up a specific formula of herbs for you to support your system and get you through to christmas with a smile on your face.  Contact if you feel you need this.

Enjoy this season, it happens once a year and really is a magical time.  Find your inner child if you don’t have any little ones running around the house and embrace the magic.  I know I am certainly excited, and even more so to have India’s first Xmas, even though she will have no idea yet, it will still be special to celebrate it.




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