Fish oils – Quality over Quantity and why you need them

Some of you may be aware of a recent test that was conducted by the University of Auckland on multiple brands of Fish Oils available on the market in regards to their quality.  What was found was that the majority of the products did not have the levels of Omega 3 that were stated on the label.  This is great news to come about as it makes the consumer a lot more aware of what they are purchasing.  Fish oils in particular can be quite hazardous to your health if you purchase poor quality ones.

Many Fish oil supplements out there, particularly (but not limited to) the cheap brands are not tested thoroughly which can leave them with higher levels of heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants.  They are also not tested for their level of oxidation which can not only leave them smelling or tasting fishy, but oxidised oils are quite harmful to your health.

When buying Fish oils, it is imperative that you choose wisely as they are invaluable to your health if they are of premium quality. I can assure you, that the Fish oils that we sell to you have been batch tested, on site.  Any impurities, pesticides and persistant organic pollutants have been removed.  There is no level of heavy metal contaminant detected in the products. These Fish oils have been nitrogen flushed reducing any potential oxidation of the products, and very importantly the company only uses sustainable fishing practices.

Therapeutic doses of Fish oil are essential to staying on top of many health conditions.  They can assist with any pain and inflammation (essential to any athlete as well as those with general or specific aches and pains), cardiovascular health, skin health as well as cognitive health.  Unfortunately our diet these days tends to be predominant in Omega 6 and not Omega 3.  Omega 6 can be more pro inflammatory compared to the anti inflammatory effects of Omega 3.   By taking a daily supplement of Omega 3, you will not only help in preventing inflammatory conditions, but will also help to reduce any inflammation that is occurring in your system.  Inflammation is the precursor to any disease state and accelerated ageing so any assistance we can give our body to stay healthier, I would suggest you do it.

If you have any questions regarding whether it is appropriate for you to take Fish oil, please don’t hesitate to contact me on  We have Fish oil for sale at Mt Eden but can easily bring some across to West for those wanting some.

Get your brain and your joints healthier by investing in your health today.



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