Why do we detox?

August 29, 2016

Your body has 5 different filters and elimination channels – Liver, Digestion, Kidneys, Lymphatic and skin.  Each of these systems work hard every second at trying to keep your body as pure as it can so that it can run efficiently and keep you healthy.  These elimination systems are put under a lot of stress to perform their role.  Some more than others depending on what is ingested and exposed ie if you smoke, drink alcohol excessively, take drugs (recreational or medication), drink fizzy drinks, eat processed foods, live or work in a highly polluted area, use chemical based skin care, highly stressed, have hormone imbalances.  That sounds like most people for at least some of those factors I’m sure.

The thing is, most people have done this and carry on doing this without taking the time out to give your body a break.  Think of this as a bucket theory.  If you keep adding to the bucket, without allowing adequate filtration it will overflow.  This overflow is linked to health implications such as leaky gut (more on this to come), food intolerances, bloating, skin issues – acne, dryness, rashes, premature ageing, more colds and flus, less sleep, stubborn weight, bad periods and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, in our day of abundance, we don’t give our bodies elimination and filtration systems a break.  They are worked hard EVERYDAY.  This as a result leads to that overflow and symptomatology.

This is why we need to detox. We need to allow those systems a chance to catch up, to take a breather and to work on the stored toxins in our system without having the burden of new ones entering.  This not only assists with the efficiency of these systems so that they work more effectively towards any further exposure, but it means we can help work through years of damage helping to reverse some of the health issues that have risen with the “overflow”.

This is why I recommend a detox every 6 months, whether it is a gentle 10 day cleanse like this, or a more thorough cleanse with supplements and lasting 6 weeks to really work on all the elimination channels.  A more thorough cleanse is recommended for those who have digestive issues, hormone issues or just generally feeling sluggish and need a reset.  If you feel this could be you, please click here to contact us for more info.


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