Leaky Gut

September 5, 2016

Leaky gut, much like Adrenal Fatigue is a bit of a term that is thrown around a lot, but do you actually know what it means?

Again a lot like Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut is a term that encompasses many different symptoms of ill health.  The main symptoms that occur with Leaky gut are:

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating after meals
  • diarrhoea or irritable bowels
  • low immune system
  • bad skin
  • sensitive to many different foods
  • peeling, brittle nails/brittle hair
  • stubborn weight around the abdomen area
  • foggy brain



There are believed to be many different causes of Leaky Gut, but mainly it is seen to be an immune response to inflammation.  This can be from continued exposure to foods that irritate your system, and can also be from chronic stress which causes an imbalance in our digestive abilities.

Essentially Leaky Gut is what the term describes.  Our gut junctions should be sealed nice and tight as we digest and process our food and then pass it through our bowel, however what happens with this inflammation and immune response is that these tight junctions tend to separate.  This is obviously microscopic and wouldn’t be visible upon searching, because it is only microscopic particles that are then passed through our intestinal lining back into our blood stream.  Contrary to belief, it is not a whole pea or piece of steak that is passed through!  These tiny proteins that make their way back to our blood stream essentially alert our immune response that there are foreign bodies in our system in which the immune system creates antibodies for this.  Hence, the sensitivities to many different foods as the cycle continues.

So many people have this issue going on and have just become accustomed to the irritability and don’t realise how much better they could feel on a daily basis! The key to getting on top of Leaky gut is first of all cleaning up and establishing a healthy diet ie eliminating the processed food likely to be further aggravating any inflammation.  This however is not enough as its important to actually “heal” up those gut junctions.  Consuming bone broth and gelatin are a fantastic way of helping this process as the gelatin in this helps the collagen formation and healing up of those junctions.  Alongside this fermented vegetables to assist with the gut bacteria.

It is essential though, to really fix it up (which can take 6 months or more) to see a practitioner experienced in this so they can get you onto supplements that are specific for you. You may need to clear up any potential pathogens lurking in your gut which will hinder your health and healing, you may need enzymes to help with the digestive process, you may need some stress support to reduce inflammation and then you will need some specific gut formulations such as glutamine and probiotics and other specific herbs to get you on the right track.

Book in to see us in clinic to do a urine test to assess your leaky gut status as well as a detox profile to see where your body is at.

The longer you leave it, the more likely your immune system is to be over reactive to food 🙁

Contact andrea@health101.co.nz if you are in Auckland for an appointment, or tarryn@health101.co.nz if you require an online appointment.



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