Getting chiropractic adjustments? Heres how to get even better benefits …

March 20, 2017

Going to see your chiropractor is of huge benefit for your body, and mental health.  The increase of blood flow to areas of your body that are stagnant, the realignment of your spine and the support of your internal organs.  Keeping the momentum going after your adjustment to make the most of it is key.  Here’s how …

1. Drink lots of water before and after your visit. 

Hydration is key to so many great things in life, and getting the benefits from seeing a chiropractor are no different.

The human body is made up of 60% water, and every day, a portion of this is lost to breathing, perspiration, and urination. 

When your body is in proper alignment, it releases stored tension it had been holding in that area. This can act like a fast track detox for the system, flushing toxins from the body, and water can speed up the process, while decreasing the chance of mild side effects of getting adjusted.

2. Go for a walk after getting adjusted.

Your chiropractic visit can act like a reset button on the computer. By flicking the reset button, its important not to go straight back into the same postural patterns we have created, by going for a walk. Walking will give important feedback to the brain from the body, reminding it to hold new patterns for longer periods of time. 

3.Change your pillow! 

There’s no exact science to know when to change your pillow. Try this test. If you have a non-foam pillow, fold it in half. If it doesn’t spring back to its normal form, its time for a new one. 

We spend on average 7-9 hours a night sleeping on our pillow. Old pillows, or inexpensive ones, may be massive contributors to symptoms of neck/back pain or headaches that you are experiencing. 

4. Sleep on your side or back. 

Now you’ve changed your pillow, its important to take note of how you sleep. Side is best, back is good, but try to avoid sleeping on your tummy.

5. Check your desk.

More and more we see H&S or OSH assessments of our workplace, some people are even lucky enough to have standing desks. If this isn’t the case, thats ok. Make sure your monitor is aligned with your eye-line, so you are not distorting your posture to fit the screen height. Your elbows should be positioned at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the floor. 

Even if we have the right height for our desk, its important to take regular breaks and reset our posture. Roll your shoulders back so your shoulder blades slot comfortably against your spine, and do some nice, easy movements with your mobility in your neck. 

6. Rom-Wods, and Yoga.

Its so great to have these at our disposal at Health101, and even more important to utilise them! Even ten minutes a day of mobility work will improve your work outs and your health exponentially. 


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