June Member of the Month!

July 3, 2017

A few days late, but this guy is totally worth the wait.. Our June member of the month is our honorary Hungarian, Erno Hajos! 
Erno does so much for us behind the scenes, including all of our t-shirt and graphic designs, as well as being a huge active part of our community, and its always either competing or supporting at competitions. Always an hour early to class to warm up, and doing extras after class, is just a standard day for Erno! 
Heres a few words from Erno:

I’ll never forget my very first day in the CrossFit Mt Eden gym. After my first wod I was dying on the ground and thought, “no chance Im coming back here, this is crazy”. I remember I cursed a lot, a lot lot…it’s been nearly 3 years by now 😀 (8th August 2014)
A friend of mine recommended CrossFit to me. He said CrossFit is the best sport he’s ever done; he also admit, I would never regret this

One of my favourite aspects of CrossFit Mt Eden is the atmosphere, basically I love everything, the coaches, the members, the environment, the community… everything

My favourite movements are my weaknesses. The biggest enemy – Olympic weightlifting 😀 especially the Snatch. Such a complex movement, it’s a long term learning for me.

I love the long wods, such as Murph – it’s brutal and I love it! 😀 

The most important thing I have learned from CrossFit that I’m much stronger mentally and physically than I ever thought before. Thanks to our coaches who show us how to be mentally, physically and nutritionally fit is a powerful life changing thing.

We appreciate everything you do Erno, keep up the great work! 


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