About Health101

Health 101 is a family business started by Logan and Tarryn Reardon, and later joined by Tarryn’s brother Wes to complete the holistic approach to health and training that we offer.  Combining CrossFit – a functional training form of exercise which not only gets fantastic physical results, the community we have also creates strong friendships, Naturopathy – utilising a holistic approach to health, focusing on nutrition with adding in specific herbs and nutrients to optimise health, and Physiotherapy – to not only fix injuries but work more along prevention of injuries with appropriate alignment and body mechanics.  This three tiered approach to health sets us apart in our field being able to offer our clients a fully integrated service geared to give you the best results.


Logan has been in the Fitness industry for 10 years, starting off at Les Mills, working in Boutique gyms and running his own Bootcamp Company (Fresh Air Fitness) and now broadening the scope with CrossFit Mt Eden and CrossFit West Auckland. Through his unique approach to training providing enthusiasm, knowledge and experience, Logan has many satisfied clients via his Personal training and CrossFit classes.  Being head coach he also prides himself with the training of our other coaches ensuring highest of coaching quality across the board.


Tarryn has been practicing Naturopathy for 10 years, working strongly with nutrition to improve all aspects of health. Tarryn specialises in women’s health and managing hormones.  Also a key component of her work is in digestive health and detoxification systems.  Tarryn also does a lot of work with preconception care and childrens nutrition.  However, Tarryn works with a wide variety of people with all aspects of health, and uses many functional tests to ascertain exactly where people are at with their help to be able to offer the most individualised care plan for them.  Tarryn is not practicing as much these days as she is with her two little ones, but works with clients online as well as working with her Naturopath Andrea to ensure all patients are getting the best care.


Wesley has been a Physio for 8 years, and has worked mainly with sports clients through his time here in NZ as well as Australia.  Wes has always been very into his own training, competing in Iron men and triathlons.  He has a strong eye for correct body mechanics to support correct movement and injury prevention but also has amazing hands (and support from his needles) to really fix any new or old injuries.


As Health 101 combines the services of Logan, Tarryn, Wes and their amazing team, clients’ results have been dramatic. By getting the body moving in a functional and efficient manner, whilst combining nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice it ensures optimal health and body composition from the inside out.