Our Vision

Health 101 is here to bring about change to the everyday New Zealander through improving food, training and lifestyle choices.  Health 101 will be the Central Hub of Health for people to come to to transform their life, their health, their attitude and image.  By combining CrossFit Mt Eden with Naturopathic services & Yoga it sets us apart to become the “go to” place for training and healthcare.  CrossFit Mt Eden is the Box to come to for all of Central Auckland to get fantastic results in a short period of time, not to mention feel amazing and be part of a great Community of like minded people.


Testimonials at Health 101

 love it’ – it’s an all over body workout with particular focus on perfecting your technique before going into heavy weights. People think that only super human athletes can do CrossFit, but honestly we have all sorts that give it a go. I’ve done the whole gym thing, and bootcamps, and to be honest I find this the most satisfying. It’s an individual workout session but you have mates pushing you along, and making you push yourself harder to get it done. Once you give it a go, trust me you’ll be hooked.

When I began my training I was a whopping 114kg. With only the physical training I managed to lose 14kgs in probably 18months, but that was training 5 mornings a week. When I met with Tarryn and sorted out my diet and improved my eating habits based on her advice I managed to lose a further 10kgs in just 6 weeks. I have spoken to lots of people and they are hesitant because they think that they will have to do this big fancy diet thing, but honestly, NO. I dropped a couple of things and stuck to what Tarryn had said and the proof is in the pudding, the weight came off really quickly. So if you are struggling to lose that spare tyre around the waist as I was, I would definitely recommend seeing Tarryn.

–  Anon



During the years I have received an absolute wealth of information from Tarryn, the most valued and significant for me personally being the ‘fresh is best’ approach. It is not until you start to learn about food that you realise just how important what you put in your mouth really is, as what you see on the outside very often does not reflect how your body is on the inside. The BIA test performed at each consultation is a fantastic tool for Tarryn to show just how the body is coping, measuring weight, body fat, cellular fluid, fat to muscle ratio, active tissue mass etc.

I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort she has invested in me and have absolutely no hesitation in saying that I am truly a changed woman, and am proud to say I have maintained a 30kg weight loss since beginning this journey

Logan does not just put you through your paces, he designs a plan specifically to meet your needs and encourages and motivates you every session, pushing you outside that comfort zone that you would never achieve if training on your own. There is no greater feeling than lifting a weight you never thought possible, jumping higher than you’ve ever jumped before, learning a new technique or simply mastering an exercise you’ve have had in your sights for months. I’ve experienced all of these, and so many more, and I owe it all to the ongoing support and encouragement of Logan.

– Karen Lloyd


There was a time I couldn’t run 100 metres, today I can run a half marathon. Logan, Tarryn & the team have shown me how to be fit, healthy, strong and with that happy.

These guys are top notch not only in terms of health & fitness advice but in being supportive and friends to all who they come in contact with.

I can’t reccommend them highly enough.  If you want to succeed then you need these guys in your corner to make wonderful transformations happen.

– Vicki McLean