1. August Member of the Month

    August 22, 2016

    August is nearly over which means its time to celebrate our hardworking member of the month. Jono “Baz” Barry is a consistent 5:30am-er and has recently upgraded to an Unlimited membership. We love your hardwork Baz! Now, Baz is a little quiet at the gym, comes in and gets his workout done, without saying too much 😉 so I asked Baz a few questions so you can get to know him a little more.

    How long have you been CrossFitting and why do you CrossFit?
    I’ve been at crossfit for about 9 months now. My wife Liz started doing it and told me I’d enjoy it. After about  a year, she managed to drag me along too and I was hooked after 1 session. It is now our routine together. Thanks Liz

    What do you love about CrossFit/Health101?
    Crossfit is the ultimate workout – short / intense / with cardio and muscle build. H101 is great, it is full of good people. The coaching team are passionate, knowledgeable and want you to succeed. They care.

    What’s your favorite movement?
    I’d like to be able to kip properly.

    What’s your favorite WOD?
    Is there such a thing? Any WOD I can do RX in.

    What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?
    I can fit my suits again! My bad back has gone away and Liz and I get to hang out and exercise together each week, which is cool. My quality of life has improved since being fit again. I no longer like the song Roxanne though.

    What is something that we don’t know about you?
    I go faint at the sight of blood and am scared of wetas and large spiders. When they come into our house, I scream and my 10 year old daughter comes in, rolls her eyes, picks them up and takes them outside.

  2. Building good movement

    August 17, 2016

    Following on from our recent core stability classes I thought I’d round this off by reinforcing some key points for good movement!

    Our brains are skilled organisers and energy conservers, and are always attempting to streamline our internal processes and movement patterns directed by the high frequency (notice: high frequency – not high intensity) input they receive. In other words, what you do a lot of is what the brain remembers.

    It is therefore crucial to address daily poor movement habits such as prolonged slouching, prolonged sitting, forward head posture, poor movement execution during training etc – as this is ultimately the movement pattern you’re coding into your brain and body. You could say that you are a product of all your habits put together. And a habit is formed by doing something over and over again – not by making a massive effort once!

    So think about this the next time you’re sitting hunched over your computer for the 3rd consecutive hour, or the next time your chin has yet again lolled onto your chest as you gaze enviously at everyone’s Facebook lives! 😉

    It’s simple really, you just gotta get some consistently good habits and the brain will remember and reinforce those instead of the bad ones! But it starts with being conscious of your own behaviour and movements.

    One way of moving better during workouts is by keeping a “spinal lift” during your movements – gravity is constantly pulling us down leading to sagging in the body unless we counteract that. We can do this by maintaining a “lift”.

    The exercise: stand – ground your feet into the ground as you stretch the crown of your head up towards the ceiling (along the spinal axis). Feel the centre of your whole body align, lengthen and engage muscularity.

    This action triggers the engagement of your stabilising muscles, realigning the spine and readying the body for dynamic loading. So if you’re preparing for a Push Press exercise where your focus may be stuck on your arms and shoulders: try first performing The Lift to centre and engage the whole body – thereby improving stability and quality of execution for that exercise.

    Another tip for better training outcomes is by maintaining a muscularly active body throughout all your movements, as opposed to relying on momentum for moving your limbs from A to B! Watch out for sloppy movements. These tips will not just optimise your biomechanical function, they will also help keep your joints and muscles safe during dynamic loading.

    Take home message: Move well – both in and out of the gym – you become how you move! Happy living and training everybody!

  3. CrossFit Intro Special

    August 12, 2016

    Have you recently realised that your winter coat is growing and summer is just around the corner?  Or have you just been lacking motivation to leave your home during the wet winter months?

    Let our team at Health 101 change that.  We run two CrossFit gyms and want to be your motivation to train.  At both of our CrossFit Mt Eden and CrossFit West Auckland gyms we have some of the best coaches in the industry as well as the friendliest members.  So come and join one of our next CrossFit Intro Classes and get the results you want before summer.

    Our CrossFit Intro Classes are 3 sessions that cover the basic movements of CrossFit.  It is not scary or intimidating because it is with normal people like you. We cater for any fitness level from inactive and overweight to regular gym goer.

    CrossFit Intro Special $59 (normally $99)
    2 locations and dates

    CrossFit Mt Eden
    101 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
    Monday 22nd 7pm, Wednesday 24th 7pm, & Sat 27th 9am

    CrossFit West Auckland
    391 Rosebank Road, Avondale
    Monday 29th 7pm, Wednesday 31st 7pm, & Sat 3rd 9am

    Spaces are limited so to register for either intro course or for more information email

  4. July Member of the Month

    July 15, 2016

    We are over half way through winter (YAY!) and what better way to celebrate than recognising another of our hard working members.
    Our July Member of the Month is Mr Bryan Teng.
    When Bryan joined us he said to our owner “I want to lose weight and build muscle, will I get that here” 6 months down the track and he has shed his fat and is a lean mean machine.  Bryan has been the silent assassin in class, always working hard and getting his technique on point.
    He also works really hard, before and after class, and quite often finishes the wod even if he finishes after time cap … and he’s always cheering everyone else on.
    BT has improved in all areas of fitness and health he gives every session 120%  His weight loss is noticeable and he always has a smile when he comes into class but the biggest smile was when he told me hes changed his membership to unlimited for those extra gains💪 We love your work BT! 

  5. As our services grow we are always on the lookout for talented coaches. So we would like to introduce our newest intern coaches – Byron (Top left), Nicole (Top right), Christine Aka TANK (bottom).  These three bring a wealth of experience to our team having been through there CrossFit Level 1 Cert and between them over 10 years of CrossFit Experience.

    For the next few months these 3 will be interning with our head coaches and sharpening up on their coaching skills.  If you do need help or want some pointers please pick their brains and get them working.

    Its great to have you on board guys.  Now with 12 CrossFit coaches as part of Health 101 both our CrossFit Mt Eden and CrossFit West Auckland gyms have a lot of experience to go around.

  6. Our June member of the month goes to a guy who joined at the end of January this year, and is probably what you can describe as the definition of ‘addicted’. Jonathan Altham has truly taken a presence at Health101, often seen in the early hours of the day at the 5:30am class, and sometimes crazy enough coming back in the evening!
    Last weekend Jonathan competed at the Andfit 3’s competition where him and his team came second place!
    Jonathan has just left us for  3month work stint in LA. But not to worry, he lands 3pm, and has organised a CrossFit session for as soon as he lands!
    Keep training hard Jonathan, and we look forwards to seeing you when you get back! We will look after Van for you 😉

  7. We are so proud of all of our members, each month we’re picking one that we feel has deserved a special mention.
    Our May member of the Month is the lovely Mary Vuniwaqa. I asked our members to nominate who that thought deserved the title for May, and Mary got more than 7 votes!
    Mary you’re such a hard worker, you never give up, always so supportive of others, such a bright an contagious personality. Your hard work can be seen in your results. We notice you doing more and more workouts RX!
    We are so lucky to have you part of our community at Health 101.
    Keep up the Amazing work!

  8. 2016 Nutrition Challenge

    January 12, 2016

    Its that time of year where we all have Resolutions for the year ahead, and perhaps have also had 2 months of over indulgence so feeling sluggish and a little extra layer?

    Now is the time to act, to set some good habits in for the year ahead, to learn some tricks to help you through the tricky times, and to be around like minded people for that extra motivation for success.

    The Challenge begins on February 1st and runs for 6 weeks finishing Saturday 12th March.

    This year we have broken it down into 3 different tiers to tailor towards your needs.

    Basic Package $80

    • Body Composition test at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks
    • Seminars such as Nutrition, Goal setting and food demonstrations to keep you motivated and inspired
    • 1/2 price protein powder
    • You will be put into groups for motivation and support, and there will only be 1 group challenge (so there won’t be the issue of committing to regular challenges)
    • Regular updates on the facebook group page with recipe tips, wellness tips and general advice given
    • There will be a prize for the most fat lost in an individual as well as group prize

    I need accountability $100

    As above plus

    • Additional Body Composition reading with one of our Naturopaths at the midway point to assess where you are at and give you any further tips that you may need.

    The Big Cahuna $300

    As above plus

    • Weekly Naturopathic Body composition checks to really keep you on track
    • Weekly 1 hour workshops (likely to be held Saturday morning), with detailed health information on different areas such as hormones, sleep, stress, sports nutrition to help you with your health journey
    • Meal Plans and Recipes
    • Special blend herbal tea to help assist with your success
    • Limited to 10 people to ensure personalised care


    To register please email with what package you would like to sign up for, or feel free to email for any questions.

  9. 10 days until Christmas! I probably say this every year, but gosh its gone fast! The start of this year saw my move to Auckland and the start of my job coaching you amazing Health101-ers. I can’t believe its been a year, but I would just like to say thank you for welcoming me into your fantastic community and I look forward to 2016 and helping you all crush some health and fitness goals!

    Our very hard working and deserving December Member of the Month and the last one for 2015 is Mr Chris Barrack. I wasn’t around when he first joined but I have heard that there was a very memorable cringe-worthy Deadlift form to begin with (hehe), and through hard work and dedication, constantly chipping away and things, he is now the athlete we see before us. A regular 5.30am-er out West, we love your passion Chris, keep it up!
    Heres a few questions I asked Chris so we can get to know him a little better:

    How did you find CrossFit?
    The gym I was going to at the time shut down and needed something to stay fit, Trina heard of crossfit and it looked like fun at the same time as being competitive. So we joined Newmarket,

    What do you love most about CrossFit/ Health 101?
    The thing I like about 101, is the people/coaches. When I went to Newmarket I didn’t feel apart of anything the coaches didn’t have time for you if you struggled with the weight or movements.
    But the coaches at 101 are very helpful and encouraging. I have always enjoyed going to the gym and working out with a friendly group of people who are also very encouraging.

    Whats your favorite movement/workout?
    My favourite movement! I must say I like rope climbs, squat cleans are getting up there but bar muscle ups are becoming my new favourite.

    An interesting fact about yourself?
    I still love my salt and vinegar Pringles.

    Do you want to share with us a goal you have for 2016?
    One of my goals for for 2016 in crossfit would be to compete in as many team comps as possible and have fun while improving strength and fitness.

  10. You may be worried that the festive season is going to undo all the wonderful work you have put towards getting your health back on track and your body into tip-top shape for the beach. If so, you certainly are not alone. But having a fun-filled Christmas while still maintaining your health and fitness IS actually achievable.  In fact, with a little forward thinking and planning, you can give yourself the best Christmas ever. Yes, the festive season can be fun, indulgent and carefree without expanding your waistline or hampering your health goals!

    And we want to help you to achieve this by sharing these 10 simple steps…

    • FOLLOW THE 80-20 RULE. Aim to eat well 80% of the time and this will balance out any treats and indulgencies you have. If you do have a treat, don’t feel guilty, simply enjoy it for what it is – your 20% treat. It is often the feelings of guilt, and the negative voice in your head that leads you to lose self-control and this can quickly turn into a downwards spiral of overindulgence. 
    • CONSCIOUS EATING IS KEY. Eat carefully and mindfully, chewing each mouthful well and savouring the taste, texture and smell of the food you are eating.  Eating mindfully like this enhances your digestion. It also tells your brain when you are full so that you don’t stuff yourself silly!
    • HAVE A HEALTHY, NOURISHING BREAKFAST.  Include good quality protein and some healthy fats in the morning and it will help you to feel satiated through the day. If you skip breakfast, you will just end up eating more and making poorer food choices later in the day.
    • EAT 50% GREENS. Veges will help to fill your tum without the extra calories. They also provide essential micronutrients and antioxidants to metabolise your meal effectively and to help your liver deal with excess alcohol or toxins. 
    • CHOOSE GOOD QUALITY SNACKS. Christmas treats tend to be high in sugar and simple carbs which cause your blood sugar levels and energy to fluctuate and create cravings for more sweet, carby snacks. Try to limit these to one or two at most, and balance them with healthier options such as nuts and seeds, bliss balls, or vege sticks with guacamole dip. The quality fats and proteins in these will help prevent sugar cravings and you will feel fuller and more energised through the day. 
    • BE PREPARED. Stock up on healthy snacks, so when you feel like a treat you have some on hand. If you go to a BYO or pot luck dinner, bring a healthy dish that you can fill most of your plate with and only leave a little space for extras. Take some healthy treats to share too!
    • STAY HYDRATED. You will eat more if you are thirsty so remember to drink plenty of water through the day. If you usually forget to drink, set your phone alarm to hourly and drink a cup of water each time it rings. 
    • ONE FOR ONE. If you are drinking alcohol, for every glass of wine, beer or spirits that you drink, follow it with a glass of water. This will help to prevent you over-drinking and you will feel so much better for it the next day! 
    • BACK YOURSELF. If people pressure you to eat more or drink more than you want to –it is OK to say no. Remind yourself daily of your health goals and why you want to achieve them. Connect with these thoughts and feelings when you are feeling under-pressure and this will help you to be strong. Remember, you only have yourself to answer to.
    • KEEP MOVING. Regular exercise will help you to keep motivated and energised to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. It is also an excellent way to burn off all those Christmas-shopping stress hormones !

    If you would like some extra help –  come and chat to your friendly Health 101 Naturopaths, and check out our 2 week Christmas kickstart special offer on now!