1. Building good movement

    August 17, 2016

    Following on from our recent core stability classes I thought I’d round this off by reinforcing some key points for good movement!

    Our brains are skilled organisers and energy conservers, and are always attempting to streamline our internal processes and movement patterns directed by the high frequency (notice: high frequency – not high intensity) input they receive. In other words, what you do a lot of is what the brain remembers.

    It is therefore crucial to address daily poor movement habits such as prolonged slouching, prolonged sitting, forward head posture, poor movement execution during training etc – as this is ultimately the movement pattern you’re coding into your brain and body. You could say that you are a product of all your habits put together. And a habit is formed by doing something over and over again – not by making a massive effort once!

    So think about this the next time you’re sitting hunched over your computer for the 3rd consecutive hour, or the next time your chin has yet again lolled onto your chest as you gaze enviously at everyone’s Facebook lives! ūüėČ

    It’s simple really, you just gotta get some consistently good habits and the brain will remember and reinforce those instead of the bad ones! But it starts with being conscious of your own behaviour and movements.

    One way of moving better during workouts is by keeping a “spinal lift” during your movements – gravity is constantly pulling us down leading to sagging in the body unless we counteract that. We can do this by maintaining a “lift”.

    The exercise: stand – ground your feet into the ground as you stretch the crown of your head up towards the ceiling (along the spinal axis). Feel the centre of your whole body align, lengthen and engage muscularity.

    This action triggers the engagement of your stabilising muscles, realigning the spine and readying the body for dynamic loading. So if you’re preparing for a Push Press exercise where your focus may be stuck on your arms and shoulders: try first performing The Lift to centre and engage the whole body – thereby improving stability and quality of execution for that exercise.

    Another tip for better training outcomes is by maintaining a muscularly active body throughout all your movements, as opposed to relying on momentum for moving your limbs from A to B! Watch out for sloppy movements. These tips will not just optimise your biomechanical function, they will also help keep your joints and muscles safe during dynamic loading.

    Take home message: Move well – both in and out of the gym – you become how you move! Happy living and training everybody!

  2. We’re Hiring

    October 20, 2015

    We are looking for a part time physio to join our Amazing team.
    You’ll be part of a family business comprising of CrossFit, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy and Massage.

    We are looking for someone who is a team player and wants to be part of a great community.

    Current patient load is mostly sports orientated with motivated patients.

    Your role:

    Hands on musculoskeletal practice
    Working within a close knit team of coaches and trainers
    Develop treatment plans and management strategies for individuals and athletes returning to sport
    Flexible hours (early and late preferred), Saturdays available

    Degree qualified in Physiotherapy
    Current registration to the Physiotherapy Board
    An open mind and willingness to learn
    Experience working with athletes preferred
    A genuine passion for a sporting caseload
    Experience with running group classes advantageous

    Package will include an unlimited CrossFit membership and hands on mentoring.
    An encouraging and friendly environment awaits.
    Email for more information


  3. Some of you may be aware of a recent test that was conducted by the University of Auckland on multiple brands of Fish Oils available on the market in regards to their quality.  What was found was that the majority of the products did not have the levels of Omega 3 that were stated on the label.  This is great news to come about as it makes the consumer a lot more aware of what they are purchasing.  Fish oils in particular can be quite hazardous to your health if you purchase poor quality ones.

    Many Fish oil supplements out there, particularly (but not limited to) the cheap brands are not tested thoroughly which can leave them with higher levels of heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants.  They are also not tested for their level of oxidation which can not only leave them smelling or tasting fishy, but oxidised oils are quite harmful to your health.

    When buying Fish oils, it is imperative that you choose wisely as they are invaluable to your health if they are of premium quality. I can assure you, that the Fish oils that we sell to you have been batch tested, on site.  Any impurities, pesticides and persistant organic pollutants have been removed.  There is no level of heavy metal contaminant detected in the products. These Fish oils have been nitrogen flushed reducing any potential oxidation of the products, and very importantly the company only uses sustainable fishing practices.

    Therapeutic doses of Fish oil are essential to staying on top of many health conditions.  They can assist with any pain and inflammation (essential to any athlete as well as those with general or specific aches and pains), cardiovascular health, skin health as well as cognitive health.  Unfortunately our diet these days tends to be predominant in Omega 6 and not Omega 3.  Omega 6 can be more pro inflammatory compared to the anti inflammatory effects of Omega 3.   By taking a daily supplement of Omega 3, you will not only help in preventing inflammatory conditions, but will also help to reduce any inflammation that is occurring in your system.  Inflammation is the precursor to any disease state and accelerated ageing so any assistance we can give our body to stay healthier, I would suggest you do it.

    If you have any questions regarding whether it is appropriate for you to take Fish oil, please don’t hesitate to contact me on ¬†We have Fish oil for sale at Mt Eden but can easily bring some across to West for those wanting some.

    Get your brain and your joints healthier by investing in your health today.



  4. Christmas, for some people it has that excitement that we experienced as a kid as the festivities begin, and for others, there is a sense of dread as the list of to do’s just multiplies by 100. ¬†I know for me, it is a bit of both. ¬†I love Christmas, I love Santa, giving gifts, the Christmas Carols and the excitement of what Christmas is to most children. ¬†However … the dark side of Christmas, is the overwhelming feeling of having so much to do with a deadline looming very quickly.

    As it is also at the end of the year, most people tend to be fairly worn out and in need of break (thank goodness its summer so we get a good dose of Vitamin D to refresh us).  With this, there are generally many things that need to be completed at work by the end of the year, plus the multiple Christmas parties to attend for work or play, plus all the Christmas shopping and battling all the other flustered people wondering around aimlessly at the malls, plus the food to be made for Christmas day, the secret santa gifts that no one ever knows what to buy, and then the financial burden it can place on some families. You can see how this time of year becomes a bit stressful for most people.

    What tends to happen is once we hit Christmas and make it through the day, (with probably too much bingeing on food and booze due to exhaustion), we tend to crash come boxing day and for the first half of the 2 weeks break over the holidays.  What a way to spend the break Рexhausted.

    This year, lets try to do it differently. ¬†There’s 3 weeks until Christmas, making a plan to get through the silly season unscathed is the best thing you can do.

    Firstly, write lists.  Write lists of presents to buy, write lists of food to buy and if possible try to make things early if you are able to (ie chocolate, christmas cake etc), write lists of things that you need to get done around the house (and make sure to prioritise whether these are ESSENTIAL to get done before Christmas day or not, write lists for work, write lists for people and dates for catch ups and then diarise these.  Can you tell i like lists! Without actually writing things down and having an action plan, things can get more overwhelming and stressful. Once you have written the lists you will have an idea of what needs to be done, and then you can try to plan when to get these done so its not all left to the last minute (christmas shopping on xmas eve with an empty agenda of what to buy people is never a pleasant experience).

    Secondly, be present. ¬†This is a great time of year, there is a happy Christmas vibe, gorgeous decorations and lights, kids are finishing up at school and of course the sun is out. ¬†Spend time with those that you cherish, take the time to enjoy the things you love, and take the time to stop and breathe. ¬†This is the most crucial of all. ¬†Just making a point to stop and be present will allow you to reach the big day without feeling like a wired mess. ¬†Make sure that regardless of your stress levels, you don’t take it out on your loved ones. ¬†Use them for support and love, don’t create any further stress by rocking any relationships. ¬†This one we are all guilty of, so try make a point to think before you speak. Christmas is a time to give, this doesn’t have to be in a physical sense, but just giving presence¬†to those you love will go a long way, especially if you have had a very full on year.

    Thirdly, make sure to keep up with your exercise and eating regime. ¬†It is easy this time of year with Christmas parties and treats around to let all things slide. ¬†You don’t need to stay 100% but the healthier you stay, the more you are supporting your liver and adrenals to ensure your holiday after Christmas is an energy filled one not an exhausted heap on the couch. ¬†Try to eat before going out for drinks to have a full stomach and inhibit you from snacking on junk food, keep your alcohol intake limited and stay hydrated with plenty of water to deter that hangover. ¬†Especially as the weather gets warmer, you will require more water. ¬†Flavouring your water with cucumber, mint, lemon, lime is always nice to give it a bit of zing as well as adding more detoxifying benefits.

    Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure to get adequate sleep.  It is a natural reaction for us to stay up late finishing things off but keep up with sleep and this too will see you through the holidays with a breeze.

    For those of you that really do feel they have too much on their plate, your adrenals are already buzzing and you are starting to not sleep so much or your immune system is playing up, we can make up a specific formula of herbs for you to support your system and get you through to christmas with a smile on your face.  Contact if you feel you need this.

    Enjoy this season, it happens once a year and really is a magical time. ¬†Find your inner child if you don’t have any little ones running around the house and embrace the magic. ¬†I know I am certainly excited, and even more so to have India’s first Xmas, even though she will have no idea yet, it will still be special to celebrate it.




  5. Wednesday 22nd October 2014

    October 21, 2014


    As we mentioned in yesterdays post, the process of training damages our muscle tissue in order for it to reform bigger and stronger.  In order to maximize results we need to maximize our recovery.

    Listed below are a few of the key aspects that we need to consider when it comes to recovery:

    What we put into our bodies is the fuel we use to live.  This of course includes muscle recovery post workouts.   It is important for performance, recovery and rebuilding that we have a diet that consists of real food.  By real food we mean food that has been grown on this land, and that has had a heart beat i.e. plenty of vegies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, meat, fish, chicken and eggs. Not only is this real food packed full of the nutrients we require for performance, recovery and rebuilding, but there are no added chemicals and it is highly bioavailable.  Keeping plenty of fresh green vegies in your diet provides an alkaline environment essential for recovery, along with all your beautiful colourful vegies being packed with antioxidants for recovery.

    Protein is key in regards to recovery and rebuilding muscle tissue.  Its essential to get good quality protein through your diet, but if supplementation is wanted/needed with a protein powder, we recommend Clean Lean Protein as it is free of any sugar, artificial sweeteners and other added chemicals.  Along with clean nutrition and adequate hydration, one of the key nutrients which is needed for recovery is Magnesium.  Magnesium is essential for energy production, cellular hydration, muscle relaxation, blood sugar regulation, and a huge list of other benefits.

    Sleep is the most fundamental element to proper recovery as well as building of muscle tissue.  Obtaining your 8 hours of sleep is not just a number thrown in there as a rough guideline.  In fact, between the hours of 10pm and 2am your body undergoes much of your physiological repair, and between 2-6am is when your body begins its psychological and nervous system repair.  Therefore, if you regularly get to bed at midnight you are missing out on 2 important hours of physical repair!  If you struggle with regular wake ups during the night, this is often a case of mineral and protein deficiencies, so talk to Tarryn about this as broken sleep = poor quality sleep.

    Gentle stretching after working out increases your range of movement and helps to get those tight muscles working.¬† Regular stretching will keep you supple and help prevent injuries in the future. Don’t just stretch when you are sore, but also make it part of your daily routine.

    Active recovery involves gentle activity either directly after exercise (in the cool down period) or in the rest days after a competition.¬† Research shows that working at around 30% intensity will help with removal of lactic acid within the muscles and improve relaxation. So remember to keep yourselves moving and you’ll feel better for it!

    Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles, nourishes our fascia and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue.  It also helps your muscles relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibres to your tendons. The net effect is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.

    – Cold water emersion (ice bath) ‚Äď used to reduce inflammation and help flush out biproducts such as lactic acid within the muscles.¬† 5-10mins.¬† Try to relax!
    РHot bath or spas in the evening after a heavy training day can help with the relaxation of tight muscles.  Not to be used if any acute injury/swelling or bruising.  10-15 mins.
    РContrast (Hot/Cold therapy) Рfor best results use an ice bath and a spa/bath or hot shower. 2 mins hot, then 1 min cold.  Repeat 4-5 times and always finish on cold. Not to be used if any acute injury/swelling or bruising.

    If any of these key aspects of recovery are neglected then we are not giving our body every possible chance to recuperate and therefore will not see those gains that we are striving for.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the topics above, contact one of the Health 101 Team and we will happily go through it with you.

    Health101 is your central fitness and health hub, with specialist services including CrossFit, Physiotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy and Yoga.

    Strict Weighted Pull-ups
    5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

    6 Rounds for time:
    12 Pull-ups
    15 Wallballs (9/6kg -but to a higher target)

  6. Tuesday 21st October 2014

    October 20, 2014

    Recovery ‚Äď Part 1

    With having a few teams competing at the Mount this weekend, and other competitions coming up over summer, we thought it would be a good time to talk about recovery….

    This is going to be a 2 part blog, focusing on what happens to our bodies when we work out and then looking at the ways we can maximise recovery to reduce damage and pain.

    We put our bodies under a huge amount of stress when we work out. 
    We all have different reasons for working out – whether it be for general health and well being, losing weight, increasing muscle bulk, toning up or for our own masochistic enjoyment (which lets face it, most CrossFitters have).

    Whenever we train we create a stimulus which causes trauma to our muscles. This trauma essentially creates micro tears within our muscles. 
    These micro tears cause a chemical reaction, which under the right recovery and nutritional environments, result in our muscles growing back bigger and stronger than before.

    The chemical cascade causes satellite cells to attach to the damaged muscle tissue.This binding begins to increase the size of the muscle fibres (hypertrophy) and these cells begin the process of protein Synthesis which uses proteins within our system to turn the new cells into working muscle tissue.

    Our strength and power gains that we get from training are also reliant on our hormones (growth factors) and on neural adaption (our nerves adapting to the new strain we are putting through our bodies). This is story for another day however.

    The important thing to take from this is that for our bodies to recover and improve, we need to give it the best chance to do so.¬† Elements like nutrition, sleep, stretching and inflammation management are vital.¬† I‚Äôll cover those factors tomorrow –¬†Wes

    Power clean + push jerk
    1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

    18 – 12 – 6
    Ground to overhead (60/40kg)
    Bar facing burpees
    Complete 200m run between rounds


  7. It comes to this time of year where the fatigue is setting in from a long year, we are just coming out of hibernation from winter time and then the hustle and bustle of preparing for Xmas starts up. ¬†Many people at this point start planning what their “New Years Resolutions” are going to be. ¬†This is 3 months away people. ¬†Make October your month to create new habits and to make the change you want to see in yourself.

    You all will have different things you are wanting to change and create new habits with, some are admittedly harder than others, but no better time to start.  Here are some ideas that may resonate with you to make the change this month:

    РDrink more water РBe specific.  Work out your body weight and double it.  That amount of mls is how much you should drink each hour.  ie 100kg = 200ml per hour.

    РWork on mobility.  Perhaps set the goal to do 15 minutes of mobility at the end of each class you attend, and then on your rest days do half an hour.  There are also plenty of 30 days of Yoga challenges on line you can sign up for.

    – Stress less. ¬†This one is very complex and doesn’t have so many simple answers, however, management of the stress is vital. ¬†So ensure to leave work at a reasonable time each day, do daily exercise, write a to do list, delegate more etc.

    РPick up your exercise.  If you have been slackening off your training over winter, now is the time to step it up.  Be active every day. (This includes walking, yoga, crossfit, swimming etc)

    Food more often than not tends to be the thing that slips for people. ¬†We have decided to try out an app to help you stay on track for the month. ¬†We have created a Health 101 challenge within the Paleo Challenge¬†app. ¬†This app is super user friendly, has a platform for messages to keep you all motivated, and is based on a points system of the food you eat. ¬†It is visible for each of you to see to keep each other motivated. ¬†The more points you accumulate the worse it is. ¬†I suggest you have a look at it and see whether it is something you want to do. ¬†To join for the month challenge is a fee of $13. ¬†*This app has no affiliation with us, we are just using it as a tool to encourage you guys so please don’t hit us up with any technical questions on it as i won’t be able to help!!

    The timing of this is perfectly teed up with our evening planned for all our members at Lululemon Ponsonby tomorrow night. ¬†Along with some nibbles and shopping, comes an inspiring goal setting session which I highly recommend for you all. ¬†Please do come along, it’ll be a great night. ¬†It is from 6.30pm-8.30pm Wednesday 1st October.

    So, no time to waste, jump on board and make the change you have been thinking about but been procrastinating on.  No time like now.

    The Paleo challenge starts from tomorrow so jump on board today if you are keen!

    We are here to help you achieve your goals and move past the things that are keeping you stuck, so if you need any help with anything then please let any of us know and we will be happy to.

    Max effort broad jump (jump as loooong as you can from two feet to two feet)

    Hero Wod Wednesday!
    3 Rounds for time:
    1km Run
    10 Muscle ups/20 burpee pull-ups
    100 Air Squats

  8. It has now been 11 weeks since India was born (which has flown by and she gets more and more gorgeous everyday). ¬†Anyway, i digress! Prior to India’s birth, I had full expectations to be able to get back into my training soon and thought I would be able to start back from where I left off through my pregnancy. ¬†As most of you will know, through out my pregnancy I continued my training, kept up with my pull ups, push ups, and lifts (some were scaled and some days I cracked a few PB’s). ¬†I felt generally really good. ¬†I was training pretty much up until I had India. ¬†What I have had to learn is that plans change. ¬†We had planned for a natural birth with India, but due to her being breech I ended up having a Cesarean with her. ¬†The recovery time from this is obviously a lot longer than a natural birth as it is very heavy surgery, slicing right through those abdominal muscles i worked so hard at building!!

    I went back to exercise around the week 7 mark.  Starting off slowly under the guidance of Wes doing some pilates work to help with the stabilisation.  He also kindly got me on the air dyne! Even though my logical brain was telling me I have had major surgery so things like air squats will feel a bit odd and unstable, there was still that part of me that was and still does get frustrated at the lack of things I can do.  My push ups (which remember I was essentially doing weighted push ups in week 37 of pregnancy) are now a struggle against a box.  The thought of pull ups right now is a no go, and adding any weight to my squat is  something i have to be very cautious of and really work to engage my stabilising muscles.  The reality of what my body is able to do (for right now) and what i thought it would be able to do are on two differnent planes.

    What this has taught me is the importance of Patience. ¬†I know I will get back to where I was and continue to work towards new PB’s, however for now, it is all about REHAB.

    Why am I telling you this?

    I know many of you have had injuries in one form or another preventing you from doing the training that you so feel you should be able to do. ¬†This also relates to people in their health journey, having to work through some hormonal or other health issues before being back to their peak health. ¬†Patience is crucial at these times. ¬†If we try to push too hard past what our body is allowing us to do, the healing time will only get worse, and will in some cases go backwards if we don’t do the correct rehab for it. ¬†There is no point in looking in the past as to what you ‘could’ do, focus on the now and where you want to be. ¬†What do you need to do in any aspect of your life to ensure you are on the right track to get there. ¬†This may be in the form of more strengthening exercises in certain areas, working the stabilisers, cutting out coffee/alcohol/sugar, working on de stressing etc. ¬†Regardless of what your goal is, make sure you do everything you can to get to that place, but by doing this in a way that supports your body for now and in the future. ¬†This will ensure you reach that goal with the best form, and less risk for reoccurance in the future. ¬†Put the work in, and the rewards will come.

    Partner Workout:
    400 Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people
    15 Toes to Bar, while partner hangs (then switch)
    10 Pull-ups, while partner holds chin over the bar (then switch)
    15 Push-ups, while partner holds plank (then switch)
    400m Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people

  9. Tuesday 20th May 2014

    May 19, 2014

    You may have seen Wes our Physio floating around the gym and sorting out the new alterations for his practice and separate room for Tarryn when she returns from maternity leave. ¬†Wes has been seeing a few of you already getting on top of those little niggles, aches and pains. ¬†Remember that if there is anything that doesn’t feel right in your body regardless of whether you are training or not, get it seen to ASAP as if things are left and the pattern is repeated you are just creating further damage to your body. ¬†This can mean time off training to let a serious injury recover, and for most of you this is never what you want to hear.

    For all our members Wes charges $25 per session and is ACC approved.  For bookings click here.

    EMOM 16 minutes
    Even minutes 7 Ring dips
    Odd minutes 5 Thrusters (65/45kg)