1. Going to see your chiropractor is of huge benefit for your body, and mental health.  The increase of blood flow to areas of your body that are stagnant, the realignment of your spine and the support of your internal organs.  Keeping the momentum going after your adjustment to make the most of it is key.  Here’s how …

    1. Drink lots of water before and after your visit. 

    Hydration is key to so many great things in life, and getting the benefits from seeing a chiropractor are no different.

    The human body is made up of 60% water, and every day, a portion of this is lost to breathing, perspiration, and urination. 

    When your body is in proper alignment, it releases stored tension it had been holding in that area. This can act like a fast track detox for the system, flushing toxins from the body, and water can speed up the process, while decreasing the chance of mild side effects of getting adjusted.

    2. Go for a walk after getting adjusted.

    Your chiropractic visit can act like a reset button on the computer. By flicking the reset button, its important not to go straight back into the same postural patterns we have created, by going for a walk. Walking will give important feedback to the brain from the body, reminding it to hold new patterns for longer periods of time. 

    3.Change your pillow! 

    There’s no exact science to know when to change your pillow. Try this test. If you have a non-foam pillow, fold it in half. If it doesn’t spring back to its normal form, its time for a new one. 

    We spend on average 7-9 hours a night sleeping on our pillow. Old pillows, or inexpensive ones, may be massive contributors to symptoms of neck/back pain or headaches that you are experiencing. 

    4. Sleep on your side or back. 

    Now you’ve changed your pillow, its important to take note of how you sleep. Side is best, back is good, but try to avoid sleeping on your tummy.

    5. Check your desk.

    More and more we see H&S or OSH assessments of our workplace, some people are even lucky enough to have standing desks. If this isn’t the case, thats ok. Make sure your monitor is aligned with your eye-line, so you are not distorting your posture to fit the screen height. Your elbows should be positioned at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the floor. 

    Even if we have the right height for our desk, its important to take regular breaks and reset our posture. Roll your shoulders back so your shoulder blades slot comfortably against your spine, and do some nice, easy movements with your mobility in your neck. 

    6. Rom-Wods, and Yoga.

    Its so great to have these at our disposal at Health101, and even more important to utilise them! Even ten minutes a day of mobility work will improve your work outs and your health exponentially. 


    To book in to see the magnificent Dr Lou click here

  2. Building good movement

    August 17, 2016

    Following on from our recent core stability classes I thought I’d round this off by reinforcing some key points for good movement!

    Our brains are skilled organisers and energy conservers, and are always attempting to streamline our internal processes and movement patterns directed by the high frequency (notice: high frequency – not high intensity) input they receive. In other words, what you do a lot of is what the brain remembers.

    It is therefore crucial to address daily poor movement habits such as prolonged slouching, prolonged sitting, forward head posture, poor movement execution during training etc – as this is ultimately the movement pattern you’re coding into your brain and body. You could say that you are a product of all your habits put together. And a habit is formed by doing something over and over again – not by making a massive effort once!

    So think about this the next time you’re sitting hunched over your computer for the 3rd consecutive hour, or the next time your chin has yet again lolled onto your chest as you gaze enviously at everyone’s Facebook lives! ūüėČ

    It’s simple really, you just gotta get some consistently good habits and the brain will remember and reinforce those instead of the bad ones! But it starts with being conscious of your own behaviour and movements.

    One way of moving better during workouts is by keeping a “spinal lift” during your movements – gravity is constantly pulling us down leading to sagging in the body unless we counteract that. We can do this by maintaining a “lift”.

    The exercise: stand – ground your feet into the ground as you stretch the crown of your head up towards the ceiling (along the spinal axis). Feel the centre of your whole body align, lengthen and engage muscularity.

    This action triggers the engagement of your stabilising muscles, realigning the spine and readying the body for dynamic loading. So if you’re preparing for a Push Press exercise where your focus may be stuck on your arms and shoulders: try first performing The Lift to centre and engage the whole body – thereby improving stability and quality of execution for that exercise.

    Another tip for better training outcomes is by maintaining a muscularly active body throughout all your movements, as opposed to relying on momentum for moving your limbs from A to B! Watch out for sloppy movements. These tips will not just optimise your biomechanical function, they will also help keep your joints and muscles safe during dynamic loading.

    Take home message: Move well – both in and out of the gym – you become how you move! Happy living and training everybody!

  3. Green Juice Yoga on Sundays

    December 1, 2014

    Help start your Sundays off feeling fresh and rejuvenated by joining us for Green Juice Yoga at CrossFit West Auckland.  The lovely Katie-Grace from Green Juice Yoga will be delivering an hour Yoga session for beginner and intermediate level yogies.  Then after the class you will get your fresh juice packed with goodness for your Sunday.

    The classes will be held on Sunday the 7th, 14th and 21st of December setting you up for your Christmas break.

    Cost is $15 per person (cash only)

    To book please email so we can have enough juice for everyone.

    *unlimited members are free, 3 x week members $10

  4. It comes to this time of year where the fatigue is setting in from a long year, we are just coming out of hibernation from winter time and then the hustle and bustle of preparing for Xmas starts up. ¬†Many people at this point start planning what their “New Years Resolutions” are going to be. ¬†This is 3 months away people. ¬†Make October your month to create new habits and to make the change you want to see in yourself.

    You all will have different things you are wanting to change and create new habits with, some are admittedly harder than others, but no better time to start.  Here are some ideas that may resonate with you to make the change this month:

    РDrink more water РBe specific.  Work out your body weight and double it.  That amount of mls is how much you should drink each hour.  ie 100kg = 200ml per hour.

    РWork on mobility.  Perhaps set the goal to do 15 minutes of mobility at the end of each class you attend, and then on your rest days do half an hour.  There are also plenty of 30 days of Yoga challenges on line you can sign up for.

    – Stress less. ¬†This one is very complex and doesn’t have so many simple answers, however, management of the stress is vital. ¬†So ensure to leave work at a reasonable time each day, do daily exercise, write a to do list, delegate more etc.

    РPick up your exercise.  If you have been slackening off your training over winter, now is the time to step it up.  Be active every day. (This includes walking, yoga, crossfit, swimming etc)

    Food more often than not tends to be the thing that slips for people. ¬†We have decided to try out an app to help you stay on track for the month. ¬†We have created a Health 101 challenge within the Paleo Challenge¬†app. ¬†This app is super user friendly, has a platform for messages to keep you all motivated, and is based on a points system of the food you eat. ¬†It is visible for each of you to see to keep each other motivated. ¬†The more points you accumulate the worse it is. ¬†I suggest you have a look at it and see whether it is something you want to do. ¬†To join for the month challenge is a fee of $13. ¬†*This app has no affiliation with us, we are just using it as a tool to encourage you guys so please don’t hit us up with any technical questions on it as i won’t be able to help!!

    The timing of this is perfectly teed up with our evening planned for all our members at Lululemon Ponsonby tomorrow night. ¬†Along with some nibbles and shopping, comes an inspiring goal setting session which I highly recommend for you all. ¬†Please do come along, it’ll be a great night. ¬†It is from 6.30pm-8.30pm Wednesday 1st October.

    So, no time to waste, jump on board and make the change you have been thinking about but been procrastinating on.  No time like now.

    The Paleo challenge starts from tomorrow so jump on board today if you are keen!

    We are here to help you achieve your goals and move past the things that are keeping you stuck, so if you need any help with anything then please let any of us know and we will be happy to.

    Max effort broad jump (jump as loooong as you can from two feet to two feet)

    Hero Wod Wednesday!
    3 Rounds for time:
    1km Run
    10 Muscle ups/20 burpee pull-ups
    100 Air Squats

  5. Importance of Yoga

    June 24, 2014

    You KNOW yoga is supposed to be good for you, you’ve seen us stretching and balancing after class but you haven’t given it a go yet! Why not?!

    Yoga is hugely beneficial for everyone, particularly in this day and age where our day takes our body from one extreme to the other, sitting in a car or at a desk to the grind of functional fitness. As well as this, we actively work on our mobility in class and we also need to take time to feel our way into a joint or a group of muscles, to lengthen, strengthen and stabilize these structures, and to relax and release tension from our bodies. Your 45 minutes of yoga is the perfect time to do this!

    In addition to all the well known benefits such as improving flexibility, strength, balance, breathing and enhancing recovery, yoga can actually improve biomechanics and energy conservations (tension free joints require less energy to power).  Yoga can also improve your awareness and ability to focus on YOU, your body, how you’re moving and where you are in space (proprioception) leading to injury prevention and your peak performance. What’s more, yoga makes your MUSCLES SMARTER. Moving in new, slow and controlled ways, with breath awareness and all the little wobbles that happen while we balance deepen and help make new nerve connections in your muscles. You read right, yoga helps strengthen the mind-body connection creating more intelligent, functional muscles!

    Having a more functional body isn’t just important for our training but also daily living and aging well. So come along, give yoga a go. Classes are suitable before or after a workout or just on their own, you will challenge your balance and increase your flexibility and have some time to release tension and practice taking it easy on yourself.

    Each week we will have a mini-focus, it might be a type of movement or muscle group and you’ll also get a chance to work on what’s tight and hurting from the WOD.


  6. It has now been 11 weeks since India was born (which has flown by and she gets more and more gorgeous everyday). ¬†Anyway, i digress! Prior to India’s birth, I had full expectations to be able to get back into my training soon and thought I would be able to start back from where I left off through my pregnancy. ¬†As most of you will know, through out my pregnancy I continued my training, kept up with my pull ups, push ups, and lifts (some were scaled and some days I cracked a few PB’s). ¬†I felt generally really good. ¬†I was training pretty much up until I had India. ¬†What I have had to learn is that plans change. ¬†We had planned for a natural birth with India, but due to her being breech I ended up having a Cesarean with her. ¬†The recovery time from this is obviously a lot longer than a natural birth as it is very heavy surgery, slicing right through those abdominal muscles i worked so hard at building!!

    I went back to exercise around the week 7 mark.  Starting off slowly under the guidance of Wes doing some pilates work to help with the stabilisation.  He also kindly got me on the air dyne! Even though my logical brain was telling me I have had major surgery so things like air squats will feel a bit odd and unstable, there was still that part of me that was and still does get frustrated at the lack of things I can do.  My push ups (which remember I was essentially doing weighted push ups in week 37 of pregnancy) are now a struggle against a box.  The thought of pull ups right now is a no go, and adding any weight to my squat is  something i have to be very cautious of and really work to engage my stabilising muscles.  The reality of what my body is able to do (for right now) and what i thought it would be able to do are on two differnent planes.

    What this has taught me is the importance of Patience. ¬†I know I will get back to where I was and continue to work towards new PB’s, however for now, it is all about REHAB.

    Why am I telling you this?

    I know many of you have had injuries in one form or another preventing you from doing the training that you so feel you should be able to do. ¬†This also relates to people in their health journey, having to work through some hormonal or other health issues before being back to their peak health. ¬†Patience is crucial at these times. ¬†If we try to push too hard past what our body is allowing us to do, the healing time will only get worse, and will in some cases go backwards if we don’t do the correct rehab for it. ¬†There is no point in looking in the past as to what you ‘could’ do, focus on the now and where you want to be. ¬†What do you need to do in any aspect of your life to ensure you are on the right track to get there. ¬†This may be in the form of more strengthening exercises in certain areas, working the stabilisers, cutting out coffee/alcohol/sugar, working on de stressing etc. ¬†Regardless of what your goal is, make sure you do everything you can to get to that place, but by doing this in a way that supports your body for now and in the future. ¬†This will ensure you reach that goal with the best form, and less risk for reoccurance in the future. ¬†Put the work in, and the rewards will come.

    Partner Workout:
    400 Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people
    15 Toes to Bar, while partner hangs (then switch)
    10 Pull-ups, while partner holds chin over the bar (then switch)
    15 Push-ups, while partner holds plank (then switch)
    400m Plate run (20/10) – one plate between 2 people

  7. Tuesday 3rd May 2014

    June 2, 2014

    Keeping a record of your training can be an extremely useful tool. It allows you to benefit out of every session because you don’t need to waste time trying to work out which weight, skill level or speed you should be doing something.

    A notebook is a great way to do this, you can also download the app ‚ÄėMy Wod‚Äô which keeps everything in a really great order which is easy to manage.

    As you gain more CrossFit experience you will be able to rattle off you lifts, times and weights for different rep schemes (e.g. a set of 5 for back squat) without even thinking ‚Äď but for now, the best way to remember is by keeping a record ‚Äď especially you newbies who will be PB‚Äôing virtually every time you walk in the door!

    3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

    10min AMRAP
    15 Deadlifts (100/70)
    20 Lateral Bar Hops
    200m Run

  8. Tuesday 27th May 2014

    May 26, 2014

    Sad news today… Nick and Briar are leaving us!

    These guys live, work and study on the Shore, so it’s amazing they have been coming over to us for so long (well not really right? We are pretty great?!).

    Nick is an awesome coach and athlete, no doubt he has helped you out along your journey – especially at CrossFit Mt Eden. Be sure to thank him if you see him before his departure!

    Both you guys are hardworking and talented – so we’re sure you’ll do well wherever you are – however you will be sorely missed amongst our community! Make sure you pop in for a throw down every once in a while.

    Good luck guys!

    4 rounds for time:
    10 Clean and Jerks (65/45)
    15 KB Swings (24/16)
    50 Double unders

  9. Saturday 3rd May 2014

    May 2, 2014

    Here are our Kids doing some awesome pull ups in our Kids Class.  These classes were a great and we will be sending details to all our parents in the next week.  If you are interested in getting you kids to move well while having fun, make sure you send me an email so we can keep you in the loop.

    Tomorrow (Saturday) we have two weeks entered in the HPU team comp.  Our intermediates team first heat is at 7.20am then RX first heat at 8.50am.  The first heat is at Victoria Park in town.  So come down and cheer us on.  I will post the rest of the heats on our facebook page.

    3 Rounds of
    800m Run
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Sit Ups

  10. Friday 2nd May 2014

    May 1, 2014

    We’d like to welcome Wes to the Health101 team. 

    Wes is Tarryn’s better looking brother and our resident expert Physio.

    He will be working out of the Mt Eden box from Monday next week.   He will be offering free screening assessments for all members.  These screenings will look at movements, muscle patterns and trigger points, all of which contribute to your abilities in the Crossfit box. This will be a good opportunity to discuss any niggles you may have and determine if Physiotherapy may help. 

    Wes worked in Auckland in private practice as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.  This included work with Universities, Teacher Eastern Rugby Clubs, as well as NZ U16 Hockey.  He was poached to work in Australia where he worked for 3 years working with a  wide range of athletes. 

    He rates himself as a bit of a triathlete and loves wearing spandex.  This must pay off as he’s qualified twice to race for NZ in the Long Distance Triathlon World Champs.  This year they are in Wei Hai, China.

    Wes enjoys the challenge of working with Cross Fitters as well as training hard himself.  Logan has some work to do to try and keep up with him on the Airdyne bike.

    Trained in Pilates and Dry Needling he has all of the tools to fix up those niggles. 

    Health101 Physiotherapy is ACC accredited and has a special flat rate copayment of $25 for Health101 members.  

    Follow this link to book in your free screening session or book in for a normal session if you have a specific injury you need looking at.

    Deadlifts (100/70kg)
    Overhead Squat (60/40kg)