What we do

Health 101 is a Central Station to get your health to the best it can be. Offering a balance of high intensity functional training through CrossFit Mt Eden and CrossFit West Auckland, and rejuvenative Yoga your body will be supported towards getting in the best shape possible. Combining Naturopathic care with the exercise is essential to ensure from the inside out you are creating the change.


Our Physiotherapists are on board to ensure you are moving correctly by assessing your body mechanics.  If you have an injury they will help to fix you up as well as giving you the support and alternatives you need so that you can carry on with your training.


If you have your exercise covered but your health feels like it is falling off track, Naturopathic care is just what you need to reconfigure it. Whether your health is imbalanced via hormones, digestive discomfort, fatigue, skin problems or you want to focus on preconception care, getting optimal nutrition and herbal medicine support is vital to getting you feeling amazing.  The Naturopaths offer a wide range of functional tests that can be done to find out exactly where you are at with your health to then prepare a specific tailored plan to suit you.