Crossfit Mt Eden

What is Crossfit

“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme built on constantly varied, if not randomised, functional movements executed at high intensity” – Founder Greg Glassman


In Short we are not a normal gym. You won’t be sitting on a bike reading a magazine or trying to do some type of exercise on a machine. We will give you a 45min session packed of what you need. You will run, jump, lift, pull and throw your way to fitness. You will reach your goals faster than before by working hard all while having great fun.


CrossFit training is based on elements of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, bodyweight calisthenics and circuit training. It will make you function better in everyday life, lose excess body fat and gain lean muscle.



How do i join?

  • Book in for a FREE TRIAL
  • Join our Intro Class or do one on one Intro Sessions
  • Sign up with NO Joining Fee or Contracts


WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN our crossfit gyms

  • Two locations to choose from.  Mt Eden and West Auckland
  • Over 70 classes available each week.
  • Classes include CrossFit, Yoga, Mobility, Weight Lifting and Gymnastics.
  • Capped classes to ensure quality and a more personalised service.
  • Our head coaches are university qualified with a wealth of experience in CrossFit, Wight Lifting and Gymnastics.
  • You want to feel part of a community that will help support and guide you.


Unlimited CrossFit & Yoga: $59 a week (cheaper than a normal PT session)

3x CrossFit session a week: $49 a week

Feeling better inside and out: Priceless


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CrossFit Mt Eden: 101 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
CrossFit West Auckland: 12 Kawakawa Place, Westgate, Auckland