Naturopathy at health 101


 What is Naturopathy

Naturopathic care, is essentially creating optimal health on a cellular level, and working towards prevention of dis-ease in the body.  By working on the cause of the issue, as opposed to using a band aid approach, Naturopathic care will not only assist with a specific condition, but will aid in supporting and facilitating overall health in the body.  Using nutrition as a foundation to premium health, and utilising high quality herbs and supplements the body is provided with the tools it needs to heal itself.


Why do I need Naturopathy

Whether you are wanting to keep your body in peak health as an Elite athlete, wanting to start a family and looking at preconception care, feeling under the weather and “just not quite right”, any array of health issues or simply just wanting to improve your current health status Naturopathic care will help by individualising your care to meet your body where it is at.


At Health 101 we use a scientific based approach to understand where your body is at and what needs to be assisted.  By using the Bio Impedence analysis with each appointment, this helps to assess where your body is in regards to its composition of fat and muscle mass, how hydrated your cells are, how fast your cells are aging, level of toxicity/inflammation and overall cellular energy.  This is essential to be able to determine what your body is doing internally with the changes you are creating.  We can also order an array of functional tests such as genetic tests, hormone profiles, allergy tests, stool analysis, cholesterol analysis, and the list can go on.  These are fantastic tools to really assess exactly what is occuring in your body to enable us to make the best possible treatment plan for you.


By working with YOUR specific needs and lifestyle we can come up with the plan which suits you best to ensure you are achieving the best results.



1 hour consultation: $140.00

Half hour follow up: $70.00

15 minute follow up: $50.00

BIA initial: $40.00

BIA follow up: $20.00


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