Yoga At Health 101

What is Yoga

Through the integration of asana (movement) and pranayama (breath) yoga assists in stretching and strengthening your body whilst allowing your mind to slow down. In your 45 minute/1 hour class, you will warm up your body through a series of flowing movements which helps to facilitate more flexibility and strength whilst working on improved Range of Movement and calming of the mind with longer held postures..


Why do i need yoga at health 101

Yoga has a multitude of benefits ranging from

  • Improving flexibility and body alignment.
  • Improving structure and stability aiding in prevention of muscle and joint degeneration and aches and pains.
  • Improving overall tone and health of the body.

Due to the focus on the breath, yoga is a key element in assisting the body through times of stress.  In our modern western society where our lives are so busy, by focusing on slowing down and controlling our breath in our practice, this helps to:

  • Reset our cortisol production (stress hormone).
  • Aids in mental clarity and focus.
  • Assists in detoxification.
  • Creates a deeper intention and awareness with our body towards our movement allowing us to progress further in whatever dimension.

 “These classes will leave you feeling energised yet relaxed, physically fatigued, yet well rested and overall revitalised. If you have never done yoga, don’t be scared, you will LOVE it.”



Yoga 10 Concessions: $150.00

Yoga Casual: $18.00


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